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Computer Question ( Fonts, Music, Itunes)

Hey everyone.

I thought i would ask you all a couple of questions. As you might know my computer died, but i have bought a new one and i'm the process of copying my files from my old computer to the new one. To save time i was gonna take all the fonts i had previously downloaded onto the usb rather then downloading them again. But i'm not sure where about's i should copy them from.

Also, itunes. Now it's all fine and dandy until you actually want to copy the music. I don't want to loose the stuff i've purchased, and copying it from the music files open's it in windows media, not itunes. Does anyone know the best way to copy music from itunes so it plays in itunes?

Thankyou to anyone who can help. :D

I'm home!

Hey friends!

After 7 weeks abroad I'm finally home! Had an amazing 5 weeks in Italy. Visited family in Pietrasanta, had fun in Florence and Venice, saw the sites of Rome and Pompeii and the island of Capri. Had an amazing time, ate some great food. So much pasta and pizza I think I put on 5kg lol.

After Italy I spent two weeks in England, meeting a few friends I've made through fandom and Facebook, had a day in Oxford and Bath and visited Stonehenge, then spent 9 days in London visiting all the touristy things. Madame Trussauds, The London Eye and the London Dungeon are definite must see's if you ever visit.

On another note I got myself a new computer as my old one died on me, so you might see some new graphics from me in the next few weeks. Also looking forward to writing a bit of fan fiction.

Hope you are all going great, not to many colds I hope! :)

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Chris H1

Damn it all to hell!!

FUCK, FUCK FUCK! I seriously hate computers with the firey passion of a thousand burning suns. Until further notice i will not be joining any more icon challenges, or making any graphics at all. My Photoshop decided to crap itself. No idea what the problem is, it just suddenly decided to not work. I rebooted and started in safe mode, even did a system reboot to the last update. Nothing, nada, zilch!!

i have uninstalled and am waiting for a friend to get back to me with something to help. If that doesn't work i will need to buy it. TRYING to think of the positive that i will be finally getting the newest version rather then working with 0.7. :D

Wish me luck everyone, i NEED my photoshop. Feeling so lost without it.


Inspired20in20 - Chris Hemsworth | Expect the Unexpected

Round 18 @ inspired20in20
and Expect the Unexpected is the theme.

I'm not entirely sure how i feel about this set, i tried alot of new things, alot of new colours
and idea's and i'm not sure if it 'works' let me know what you think about them, please.


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