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Hey everyone! My name is Lia



I am a huge fan of BtVS and Angel. Pretty much my favourite shows in the history of tv shows.
I often consider them one and the same, and as a result i continually mix the two shows in my stories.
You will not find a crossover BtVS/Ats story with me! LOL

I am also a huge fan of Bones, Supernatural and True Blood.
I occassionally write Bones and Supernatural fanfiction as well, but these are mostly one-shots.
I do like to write crossover fics, mainly between Buffy/Supernatural or Buffy/Bones.
I normally dislike mixing pairings between shows ( the main reason i don't read crossovers as much as I would like) But these two shows have an exception. I am a huge fan of Faith/Dean, and Buffy/Booth. I bet you can all guess my reasons for the last one.

I like to write any genre except crack!fic, I can't read it and I can't write it.
It just isn't for me. The genres I do write are mostly angst, drama, action and adventure, Romance and a little humour.

I'm very much a Buffy/Angel(us) girl. They are my main pairing in both writing and reading.
I also read and write a little Darla/Angel(us), and Spike/Dru. The other characters I am not so fussed upon,

The only pairings I cannot stomach is Buffy/Spike, Connor/Cordelia and Giles/Anyone but Jenny or Joyce. LOL

I do read a little slash, but I am very picky with what i read.
I don't read about characters who are straight, where there is not even a hint of swinging sexual orientation. LOL.
So my slash reading is pretty limited to Angel/Spike, because of a single line in 'Power Play',
Darla/Dru because of the dynamic we saw between them, and Buffy/Faith.
Though I am not such a huge fan of the two Slayers together, I do like them with Angel and Spike.

While Willow/Tara is canon, neither of them as a character appeals to me enough for me to read or write about them as a main pairing.

I also like to read threeway and moresome stories. But only between the fanged four, or Buffy/Angel/Spike/Faith.

I write all ratings, I do write NC-17 and these stories have been labeled appropriatly.
Please don't read these unless you are 18. LOL



I make graphics, icons, banners, headers, and I draw.

Unless stated otherwise all of my icons are up for use.
Just make sure that you comment and credit me if you use them.

I do take requests, and these are not just limited to the Buffyverse.
Send me a msg if you would like something made and i can get back to you if I am available or not.


I would like to thank stillamempty for the beautiful moodthemes :)